Sunday, July 25, 2010

He must be a Haynes if he likes cars

When I met Marcus I knew he was into cars.  While dating we went to car shows, looked at cars online, and sometimes watched races on TV.  I used to roll my eyes and say, "It's a good hobby, I guess."  Now, I like cars too, and I've learned a lot talking to Marcus and watching documentaries with Marcus.  We watch car races together, and today we watched the F1 race. Guess what, Nick was watching too.  His eyes were glued to the TV.  He was taken in by the cars and the sound. As soon as the commercials came on my baby was back to playing with his toy. He heard the cars, and back to my zombie baby.  I guess that makes him nothing more than his father's son.  I love my husband, my son, and their hobby.

Last week marked 6 months.  I can't believe how time has passed.  Nicholas is growing so fast. Last week, he barely was able to balance to sit up, now he does it so well and tries too look behind him.  He also reaches for things, and almost falls over b/c he is so determined to grab his ball or duck.
Also, at 6 months I have lost all my baby weight plus a few more lbs. Actually, I lost it all in about 4 months. Now I need to get my flabby butt nice and perky. The other day I heard a woman say that she was complemented by her husband, and he said her butt was looking smaller. If Marcus would have said that, I would have been so mad. There is nothing worse that having a small butt. Even though my butt isn't in shape, it jeans and heels still do the job.  So my point.....I am going to start a new exercise program.  The key is to stick to it.  I'm sure you've all seen the infomercial to the P90X.  No matter what happens, I will post my results.  Good or bad.

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