Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Screaming = Calm

Nick is beginning to through temper tantrums.  I've read that you can not spoil a child at this age, so what would this be called.  He will grab my phone, and if I try to take it away he'll begin screaming with no tears.  When he does do this I do not give in, and he gets louder and louder and he begins wiping his hand around.  Then what should I do?  For now I just pick him up to make him stop crying and once he's done, he'll continue to play with his toys. Sometimes I just roll my eyes and continue playing with Nick.
Other days, it's not so easy. It becomes difficult when I don't know what Nick wants.  He cries and won't stop. It's been about 7 months so I've been able to not stress out and deal. Other times when I am tired from work, I get home and he's upset, I try my hardest to keep from poking my eyes out.
I've always been a nervous person, so having a child has not made it easier. What it has done is help me control my nervous tendencies. With Nick, I've taken things as they come, not only with him, but with my entire life. There is no reason to get worked up over things; things have come up, and even though the solution doesn't come to me at the moment, I know that there is always a solution. I am calm, I don't think negative as I did before, and I know life continues.
Nick has made me a better person, and the wonderful smile makes everything so much better. Even when I want to poke my eye out.