Sunday, September 27, 2009

22 weeks and counting

I had to wear my U of H shirt, just because yesterday was a great day for them. They brought home a "W" against Texas Tech.
I am definitely getting larger, as you can see. Belly and hips. Can my hips get any wider? I started my prenatal yoga, but haven't been doing it as often as I should; especially since my left hip has really been hurting. Something else that has been kicking in, is the back pain. I don't really feel it until I've been sitting for a while and finally stand up. At work, I'll start walking around to alleviate some of the pain. None of the pain has been ruling my days, but I'm sure it will get worse.
I'm not ready to go to work tomorrow; I guess that's life. I need to win the lotto!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Deciding on Things We'll Need

This past weekend we went to Babies r Us (BRU) to see what stuff looks like, and to get an idea of things we'll need. we have definite decided that BRU is too price. I priced some things that are also sold in Sears and Wal-Mart, and these stores are much cheaper than BRU for the same or very similar items.
I'm glad we looked at the strollers b/c now we've decided to get the travel system which is the stroller with the toddler car seat and car seat base. We would just need to have an extra base for Marcus' car.
Let me know what you think.
There is also a pack n' play that happens to match this. It's like a play pen, bassinet, changing table, and vibrating chair all in one. We can take it everywhere including the grandparents' homes. Also, we decided that the baby was going to sleep in his own room in his own bed, but if we change our minds in the beginning we can use it in our room instead of buying another bassinet.
There is also a matching high chair, but how early do you really need to buy that? We'll probably get it later or just get a cheaper one that attaches to the dining table.
For now, this is all we've decided on. I think we'll do more this weekend. I'll probably end up making a registry while Marcus is being sucked into all that football (rolling eyes). We'll see.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A whole lot of nothing

This week has been slow. We painted the office gray. I thought it was going to look blah, but it looks reall good with the furniture which is dark brown. Now we just need to organize all the papers and books we have in boxes.
I have become obsessed with I'm really into the forums; everyone on there talks about being prego and things there going through. I'm on there in the morning, during lunch, and before I go to bed. They do have other things like a name database, q & a on different prego issues, and ideas for the nursery. I look at that every once in a while, but I really like to here what the other prego ladies have to say. It's good; I can obsess about pregnancy with other pregnant women instead of boring others. I'm sure not everyone wants to talk baby all the time with me.
The baby has been moving a lot more, especially yesterday afternoon and all day today. Gosh; it was so distracting at work, I could barely get anything done. Plus today was such a slow day, it was easy for me to notice when he was kicking. When he's moving it feels like my stomach is grumbling, but not really b/c I know I'm not hungry. May it feels more like butterflies in my stomach. I don't know.
What has gotten worse is my emotions. I get really angry and short more often now. I tear up for cute things, and of course, I tear up with sad news or stories. I also get mad with little things like not being able to get comfy or commuting to work, as if I've never spent an hour in traffic before. Just being bothered bothers me. I even started tearing up when Marcus said he didn't feel well yesterday.
Yes, Marcus is sick. I think he has a head cold, he sounds really congested. He's cute; all he's worried about is trying not to get me sick. I told him since we live together it's inevitable. It's not that I don't care about being sick, but if I get sick, I get sick.
The weekend is coming what can we do?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pictures at 20 weeks

Here I am. Another 2 weeks have gone by.

20 Week Appointment

So everyone has been asking, "Do you know the sex of the baby?" It was beginning to get annoying because it's been to early for the doctor to tell. Now we can proudly say, "IT'S A BOY!" We're so excited.
Today's appointment went well. I got a flu shot, which I was not expecting. My AFP blood work results, which tests for birth defects, was good. We got to see his heart beat which was beautiful; it was pumping like crazy.
Below are some pictures of our cute baby boy. He was being a bit stubborn with the picture taking.

Does baby look like mommy or daddy? He was drinking fluid while taking pictures, so we got to see him open and close his mouth.

Here's baby's first footprint
Not sure if baby has long arms like dad or short arms like mom.