Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I've Won the Lottery

Well, kind of.
All day I've been thinking of what I would do if I won the lotto. Of course, it's hard to win if you don't play. I don't think I would stop working; I would probably be a stay at home mom until Nick starts school, then would get back to a career. Of course paying off debt is number 1 and helping our parents and grandparents. Everyone likes to get what they want, so I think I would like a custom 5 bedroom house, with a gourmet kitchen and a nice Acura parked in front. Maybe I'll upgrade to a Mercedes. Traveling is a must. And Nicholas would have a collage fund so he won't have crazy collage loans like his mommy and daddy. Ahhh, dreaming is always so great.
The lotto I won is not monetary. I have a supportive husband, and a handsome, healthy son. I never imagined that I would be as happy as I am at this moment. Even though I'm tired all the time, Marcus and Nicholas keep me on my toes. The laughs that never end, the questions that make us think, and all the fun we have together. We've been married for almost 18 months and have a 11 week old baby. I look forward to the adventurous years that are coming.
Bring it on, life!

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