Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween is only the beginning

We had a great Halloween weekend. I think it's the most we'd done in weeks, maybe months. On Friday we dressed Nick up as a tiger. This was a costume that my co-worker let me borrow, but it was a little too big. He loved it though and could not stop smiling.

Saturday we went to what was supposed to be a pumpkin patch. It was definitely not much of a patch. Half the pumpkins were going bad, and there were about 100 total pumpkins which isn't much when you count the small ones. I did get some pumpkins for pies though.

 The place we went to was actually a persimmon farm. We didn't know what we were picking, but it was fun, and Nick had a great time on the tire swing they had. 


The big day, Sunday, was good. Nick put his cute pumpkin pjs on and wore his great pumpkin around his neck (you can't see his feet, but they're pumpkin footies). He was curious as to why Leni would bark when people knocked on the door, and he kept observing all the kids in there costumes. He lasted until the 2nd group of kids and fell asleep in daddy's arms. He was too cute for his 1st Halloween though.

Little did he know that once he put his head down the planning started for all the holidays coming within 2 months (3 if you count his birthday).

OMG! HE'LL BE ONE ALREADY!!!  That is spooky.