Monday, September 13, 2010

For every bad evening there's a great weekend

After an evening like today, I have to remember the happy smile to keep me from crying and thinking I don't spend enough time with Nicholas.
I got home, took Nick from Daddy's hands so he can work out and I can hang out with the little guy.  I fed him, played with him, watched the news (more playing while trying to listen), I ate so I could feed Nick afterwords. Then he begins with his little kitty whining. I try and entertain him and nothing worked for long. I put him in his highchair to feed him some dinner, and he hardly eats. Wait, wait, wait. I realize that he's only eating when he can see Daddy, as soon as Marcus is out of sight he begins screaming and crying. Why? I almost started crying just thinking he only wants Daddy b/c he's with him all day, and he doesn't see me for 11 hrs out of the day. We sit downs and he begins hugging but then pushes me. Now I know he's sleepy, but bath time isn't for another 30 min and bed time is 30 min after that. After Nick falls asleep Marcus says, "Oh yeah, he didn't take his last nap." No wonder he was in such a crumby mood.
He's in bed now without his bath and 8 o'clock feeding. I guess we'll see what time he decides to wake up.
I go back to the weekend and smile.
Friday we went to our friends house for a late football game, and he was sooooo good. I was so worried that he would cry the entire time and we'd have to go home early, and even though there was some crying, he was good and I watched 85% of the game (most of what I missed was b/c I fell asleep). 
Saturday I took the little man shopping. He needed some PJs and shorts, and I needed some shirts and tennis shoes. We went to the Houston Premium Outlet which is not far from the house and found everything at discount, of course. Even though there are at least 2 more mo. of warm weather, there were no shorts to be found (I've learned my lesson). He was so good, I couldn't believe how patient he was. We got to the last store, and as soon as I was deciding on what to take home, he began whining. I was just so excited that we got through 2 hrs that I didn't mind the crazy looks I was getting.
Sunday he was so good playing with me. I read his ABC book, we jumped around, we danced, and we played with blocks. Of course he took some really great naps that kept him from getting cranky. I got less tears during the weekend than I did just for this evening.
This weekend I definitely learned that I don't have to worry about Nicholas being a baby.  I was more worried about it than anyone else. Whats the point of stressing out; everyone understands. Today, I had to keep telling myself I am a good mom, and I am doing everything I can for my baby.
I love my Nicholas!