Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I say it and it actually means something.
My honey bunny has been a great dad for the last 5 months of our child's life. Even though Marcus lost his job 2 months ago, I know he has gained so much more with Nicholas. He wouldn't have gotten this time to share with his son otherwise. I love him and the great job that he is doing with our Little Man. Happy Father's Day, Honey!
My sister and I had the same dad, but at the same time he was a completely different dad to her than he was to me. I loved spending time with him, he always took me to the park, and he taught me how to cook. With my sister he did none of that, and I am so sorry that we had such different experiences (maybe because we're 8 years apart). He didn't care for Father's Day during our time because everyday was a great day for us, but during my sister's time, I don't think he cared one way or another. I'm sure it was the alcohol that took over, but how can some one change so much. This is the fourth Father's Day that we don't speak, and I think he is happier this way. I pray for him every day and hope that he will make a change. I'll be waiting. Happy Father's Day, Papi!

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