Wednesday, October 20, 2010

9 months

It goes by fast. Nick is 9 months today, and he has grown so much. He's standing, not on his own yet. He's recognizing words like dada, mama, no. His hair is finally beginning to grow everywhere not just on the top part of his head which makes it look like he has a mo-hawk.
We got some family photos, and they'll be ready tomorrow. I'm too smart for myself. We took maybe 7 photos of us together so we could get some super cute Nick photos. So glad I did that b/c Nick began to cry 6 pictures in. I think we got 2 really good pictures from both sessions. Oh well, he's a baby, and I'm glad I stopped the photographer when I did.  They should be ready soon, so they'll be floating around.

This month has been interesting and exciting. Marcus has had a couple of interviews with a couple of companies and hopefully we'll get some good news at months end. It's also nerve racking b/c both jobs have their challenges. One is in a different city, and we'll have the new challenge of being apart on the week days for at least a short while; we'll see how long that can last without us relocating. The other job will also require for us to be apart b/c Marcus would be traveling 30-40% of the time. Either option will be difficult, but I am being supportive b/c I am ready for whatever life throws at us.
I think I am realizing that it might be b/c Nick has spent so much more time with his daddy than with me. Sometimes I feel that he doesn't want to be with me. It kind of feels that once Marcus begins to work he'll have more time with me than with him. It is so ridiculous to be jealous of your husband. I will get passed it now that the light bulb went off.

At 9 months, we have decided that my Honda Civic Coupe is too small even for one kid. I will have to get a new car, and I have my eyes set on a couple of really great crossovers. I've researched and compared both, and I think it will come down to the test drive. My little car will be paid off in June 2011, so that is when we will get a new car.
Something that is not too small is our house. I was worried when we first found out we were pregnant that we we're going to have enough space, but it's plenty. No, we don't have a guest room, but when you have a baby under one it's nice to not have to worry about accommodating an overnight guest. Also, with Nick's crawling, it's hard enough to keep up with him now, I can't imagine what it would be like if we had even more space. Even though I am scared that Nick will trip or fall down the stairs, I'm glad that the rooms are separate b/c it's easier to keep up with him -- at least for now.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nick's Future

This weekend I was catching up on Oprah, and saw the show about education in America.  After watching this and the response episode, it really made me think about Nick and his future. Even though we hadn't planned on having children at the moment that we were looking at house, I always kept in mind the school district we would be in. Now that my son is here, he will do wonderful where ever he goes. I will make sure he studies hard and grows to his fullest potential. He is so freakin' smart, and I'm not saying that just b/c he's my son.
From the Oprah show, I quickly learned that Nick is not the only child I need to think about as far as education. Why is our education system broken when the future of this country depends on them? We can't lower the education standards the way Texas has in order to get more children to pass. We need to raise the standard for students. If we continue to ignore our deteriorating education, I see a shortage in great lawyer, great doctors, great teachers, and even great mechanics in our future.
I saw these shows on Sunday, and haven't had time to research what I can do to change this, but I will soon. If you're still not convinced that you should do something now whether or not you have school age kids, think of the person that will be handling your taxes in 25 years. If he gets a C in accounting but b/c the standards have been lowered it becomes an A. Sorry, I want someone that knows their stuff backwards and forwards, someone that can give me the best return possible. No ones education should be limited to average.