Sunday, April 18, 2010

12 wks or 3 mo

Nick just surpassed the 12 week mark last Wednesday and will officially be 3 months old on Tuesday, the 20th. He is growing so fast; it's unbelievable. How is it that we're already seeing characteristics that come from me or his daddy? He's just as talkative and dramatic as me, and so restless and intense as Marcus. He watches basketball and car racing with such interest; it's so cute seeing a son (so young already) and his father enjoying sports. Of course, he can't watch too long because he gets bored quick. This isn't only watching sports, but with playing, sitting, talking, singing, just about anything and everything you can think of to entertain. I can just imagine when he gets old enough to walk and begin doing things for himself; my goodness, the tornado that will be going through this house.
Even though he is getting so smart, and learning so much, there is something that is driving me nuts. We put Nicholas down for tummy time, and he goes crazing with the screaming. I know he needs the time to lift his head, push of his hands, and eventually crawl, but it is so unproductive to leave him on the floor for more than 2 minutes. What do I do? He sits up, and his head isn't wobbly, but he refuses to do anything while lying on his stomach. Will he ever learn how to flip or crawl?