Monday, July 27, 2009

Marcus comes home

Marcus is coming home tomorrow, and I am so relieved. After the past 2 weeks I've learned that he balances me out. I like cooking but don't like doing the dishes, and with out him I did neither. Before he left I was doing well eating healthier for the baby, but I've been eating crap for dinner 3 of the 7 days of the week. He also keeps me somewhat in line with the excercising; I need to start walking, so we'll definitely keep up with that. It's also weird reading about the growth of Baby, and not having time to share it with him.
By the way, Baby's the size of a lemon; 3.4 inches.
On another note, last Thursday I went to my doctor's visit with my mom and we heard Baby's heartbeat. Awesome! Baby kept moving around, so it was a tad hard for doc to find Baby. I still can't believe I'm prego. My belly is starting to get bigger, but I think I'm the only one noticing it. We'll see what Marc says when he sees me tomorrow. I wounder how big I'll get? I guess we'll see in 6 more months.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

First baby's picture

Baby Haynes at 8 weeks

The beginning

Marcus and I are having a baby! We weren't expecting it, and it definitely wasn't planned, but here we are. God must know that we're ready because I'm still worried. How is it that we get married, buy a house, and get pregnant with in 6 months?
We don't have any money saved, and we're just finding out what bills are like with a great new home. I know Marcus is worried and so am I, but some how having a baby in my belly overpowers any worries. I know we'll have to face reality and try and figure out how we plan to pay for everything. Probably, as soon as Marcus gets back from China. We have six months, and it's gonna take way more than planning for a wedding. Ahhhh, not again!
On the other hand, we'll have a little piece of our love keeping us up at night. I'm so excited. I never thought the day would come when I would be a mommy. Well, at least not this soon.