Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nicholas is 7 mo plus some weeks

Nicholas is doing well. Last weekend I saw my baby after he woke up from a nap, and he looked so different. I'm sure he hit a growth-spurt (his pjs aren't long enough, gotta get some this weekend), but there was something about him that looked different. He's growing too fast. With the holidays around the corner I know time will pass even faster.
He is too funny though. He loves bouncing around in his bouncer. He's at the point where he doesn't want to sit so he fights us every time we try to put him down. Once we manage to put him down all he wants to do is find the nearest thing that is elevated so he can pull up on it. Now, I have come to realize that he may never crawl. He hates being on his stomach, and when he gets on all fours, he's butt skooching backwards. I don't mind it, but we haven't even baby proofed the house yet.
Yesterday and today he has been annoyed with everything. He doesn't want to play, doesn't want to be held, he won't go down like he usually does for his naps, irritated after bath time, doesn't want to eat baby food. Maybe his 2nd tooth is cutting through? I don't know what's wrong with him. When he finally does fall asleep for his naps they're longer than usual. Maybe all this butt skooching, trying to stand, and laughing is making him tired and irritable? If only babies could talk to let you know what was wrong (or right for that matter).
Sometimes it feels like I'm doing everything wrong. I feel bad b/c Marcus spends way more time with him, so I feel he knows him better. I have the need to spend as much time with him when I'm not working, even when I can't handle it any further, and I just want to pass him off to Marcus. Then I feel bad that I'm passing him off b/c he's with him ALL THE TIME. I'm sure he's tired and needs a break.
IT'S SO HARD!!! I don't know how people can have 2 or 3 or 10. I don't think I can do it again. Before you say, "Oh, no. You need another." Think about what it was like for you to raise more than 1 child. Then, think, oh yeah, Jhoanna and Marcus are raising this child, not me. We will decide when we're ready and if we'll ever be ready for another. Of course we've been thinking of having another (not any time soon), but it's been a tough week.

Wasn't my 30 day transformation great? Well, the next one will be more than 30 days later. Last Friday I sprained my ankle. I know what my family will say, "Of course, you always get hurt." Well, the last time something happened to me was 10 yrs ago, so shush. My ankle is already feeling better, probably around 75%. I had a follow-up appt today and the doc said to push as much as I can, but not to the point where it hurts. As long as the pain continues to decrease I'm golden. He also said that driving my car is a good benchmark since it's standard.