Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I'm sure no one really know where Nick is in his milestones.
Marcus is still watching him during the day, so he's been keeping me posted with messages, pictures, and videos. It's definitely not the situation we'd like to be in, but my prayer was answered. Before I went back to work, I would prey that he would be taken care of by someone we'd be able to trust, some one responsible, and some one that we'd be able to afford. Of course, I never wanted to send Nick to daycare, and this is how God answered my prayer. Marcus has been the best "caretaker" for our son. It's been fabulous, but I think we're both ready for a great job he can go to every weekday.
Nick has not started to crawl yet. He loves to sit and play with his ball. He will hit it with his hands and feet. He scoots on his butt, and he goes in circles while on his belly.
The little man babbles a lot and bites his lower lip, just like my cousin. Oh yes, and the biggest thing lately is that that his bottom teeth are growing out. I can feel them every time he grabs my hand to bite at it.
He loves to eat really food. We make his babyfood by steaming, boiling, or baking all of his foods. Anything green is #1, peas and green beans. He eats his oatmeal cereal like a champ. The one thing we're having a hard time with are fruits. He doesn't seem to really like them. Sweet potatoes he's good with (not a veggie, but sweet), apple's he's finally starting to like if we mix with cereal, and bananas are only good for a few spoon fulls. Of course, I'm happy he loves veggies, but I want him to love fruit too. We're gettin' there, I guess.
We know he's definitely ours b/c he loves music. I sing to him and he smiles, I dance with him and he bob's up and down, and he falls asleep with whatever is playing on his iPod. That could be Motown, Disney, Dean Martin, or Cri Cri (kids music in Spanish). I need to update his library though, and I've been thinking of taking him to Kindermusik; hopefully, we'll be able to go next semester.
Everyday I see how he represents his mommy and daddy, but he is still his own person. Wow!

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Thoughts that I can't say out loud and have been eating me up

I've been doing P90X for 12 days already. I've lost 5 lbs as of Saturday, so it's working. I can tell in my tummy and my butt that things are "looking up." Although I am succeeding, I'm a little bothered. Before I began people were saying, "You have to have had some kind of workout routine before starting; maybe b/c it's geared towards men." I've had others say, "I know people that have done this and it didn't deliver." Of course I did hear positive things, but it made me think that maybe it'll be too tough and I won't last. Now that I've been doing it for 12 days and see no signs of stopping or skipping days, I can say, those people are just lazy and still don't know that it takes hard work and dedication to succeed at anything, including P90X. I haven't truly exercised since before pregnancy, which was more than a year ago, and I'm doing great. Marcus also started and is now on day 3.

Another thing that I'm tired of are people that say that their diets aren't working. The reason you people are gaining weight is because your eating too much crap. You won't loose weight eating small amounts of crap one day to save up the calories to eat large amount of crap over the weekend. Don't you see that you can eat more if you eat things that have less calories like fruits and vegetables, and yes, good carbs. Good carbs like whole grain and whole wheat keep you full longer; not those stupid white bread hot dog or hamburger buns. A big ass colorful salad with ranch dressing is still better than a small order of fries from a fast food restaurant. Look at what your eating; don't you think that affects how you feel and perform throughout the day. No, I'm not perfect, but I don't complain if I don't get results either. Plus, cooking at home with Marcus has definitely kept me from straying and looking for nuggets or fries.

Another thing that has been killing me lately are people that are inconsiderate. Of course, your world revolves around you, but I still have to live in the world that you created for yourself. I do not like asking anyone for anything. If I ask for something it's because only I can't go any further on my own. Don't forget about me because I hate asking 2 or 3 X if it's been done. I'm glad I don't ask for things at the last minute b/c I'd miss a lot of opportunities. Also, when the people I ask fall short and don't tell me, don't you think it's a huge disappointment when I find out down the road that something was not done at all or just half ass.
I think I'm done saying what I've been wanting to tell a lot of people for a while.

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