Thursday, December 17, 2009

Last Weekend

We had our first party in our house, and it was great. We had yummy food, music, movies, and family and friends. Not everyone we expected came, but we had a blast with those that did. I was so tired by 1030. We didn't do anything on Sunday b/c we did so much that Saturday.
I want to be able to do as much as I did preprego, but it's just not possible.
In the morning, we cleaned and cooked. I cooked half the food and my mom cooked the other half at her house. Then, entertaining is tiring too; which you don't realize until you can't walk anymore. My mom helped pick up some things before she left, and Marcus washed dishes the next day. I slept on the couch most of the day and ate when I was hungry.
A first for me was something that happened to me late in the day. Marcus and I were playing Scrabble, and I guess because I did not wear a bra all day, my shirt was wet. I totally freaked out when Marcus asked what I had on my shirt. Even though I had been expecting it I still was surprised and a little embarrassed. I know Marcus doesn't care and he was probably expecting it too, but I still get a little red in the face. Actually, I was worried b/c I hadn't had any leaking. Nothing has happened since then, but I'll be buying some pads this weekend just in case.

My Weekday

It's getting tougher.
It starts with getting out of bed. I have to push myself up and sit for a little while before stepping onto the floor with out feeling the baby move sharply. Looking at my awful stretch marks gets me upset too. Then getting socks on depends on the day and how baby is sitting. Sometimes I need Marcus to help me and sometimes I can do it myself with a little bit of a struggle. It continues when I'm driving to work; I think baby feels that he doesn't have enough space so he will push against my ribs through out the drive, and it's even worse on my way back home. While at work I get so so sleepy around 1030; I can barely manage to keep my eyes open. Afterward it feels like the day drags on until it's finally time to go home.
The part that's not hard is getting home and seeing Marcus. We watch some tv together and cook together. I wish the evening wouldn't end so early, but I am exhausted by 930.
I think being 6 weeks away from my due date is getting to Marcus even though he won't admit it. I got up at 3am to use the restroom, which is somewhat normal, and he got up all of sudden an said, "are you ok?" He sounded like he was freaked out a little; he said that I sounded like I was in pain, but I'm pretty sure I just exhaled a little loud.