Thursday, March 25, 2010

It Just Got a Little More Complicated

So, Marcus got laid off, and has 4 weeks left at work. What does this mean for our family? It's actually a mixed blessing.
This still hasn't changed my decission to return to work part-time, at least for now. Marcus will be staying with Nick for the 5 or 6 hrs I'll be working, my mom will be available if reinforcement is needed, and we will be saving the money we have in savings, if we need it later, instead of using it on a nanny. The great thing is that Nick has a good set schedule for the day time...
9AM Feeding
915 to 11AM Play time and Swing time
1130 Bath
12PM Feeding
1215 to 4ish Nap time
I should be home by the time he's waking up, and daddy and baby spend some good time together. Easy enough, right? I guess we'll see next week.

Even though it's a bad time to be laid off, we had already discussed our personal, financial, and professional goals. This has forced us to take action instead of continuing to talk about it. Even though it's Marcus' job I say "us" b/c we are partners and this affects me as much as him.

Even though I'm keeping positive, it still angers me. What is it with large companies these days. They expect for employees to be loyal, yet there is no loyalty from them. Marcus' job was moved to Taiwan, probably b/c it's cheaper for them, but what about the people? Americans need jobs too, and just b/c it's cheaper to send a Taiwanese to China doesn't mean that it's cheaper for that person either. They have to pay taxes if they're there for more than 90 days too. I know HP isn't paying for that. To quote Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail when they say, "don't take it personal"; "That just means it's not personal to you, but it's personal to me."

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