Thursday, February 18, 2010

I miss it :(

I realize now how great it was being prego. My skin looked great, my butt looked plump, and my stomach looked cute. Now my acne is coming back after my skin was flawless during pregnancy. I guess b/c my body was so distorted from the pregnancy, my butt was perky; now, it's wide and sagging. I had a nice round belly, and now the stretch marks look awful and my stomach is flabby.
After growing a baby for 9 months, there are so many things you adjust to, and once the baby is gone,everyting is gone in an instant. There is no gradual adjustment to not being prego any more. I was upset and still trying to get used to it. This and having to care for another human is overwhelming.
Nicholas, for the most part, is a great baby. He is so cute. I enjoy giving him a bath, changing his diapers and feeding him. I love talking to him while he makes all kinds of noises as if trying to respond. The crying is not fun. I think we started picking him up a little to much, b/c now he cries every time he wants attention. Everyone says you shouldn't pick up the baby b/c he'll only get used to being carried; yet, every time some one comes over all they want to do is hold him and cradle him. So how does this make any since? Either way, I don't pick him up too much during the day. And I want everyone to enjoy him.

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