Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Been a Month

We've been here almost a month, and it's interesting. I'm really liking the small town life. No matter what people say about New Yorkers, I will say the one's we've spoken to have been really nice. Maybe that's just NYC... Driving more than 20 min seems like too long now, which you know that in Houston, if you don't go more than 20 min you haven't gone anywhere. Marcus loves his job, and I'm still looking.
Nick acts like whatever. He's gotten through a few speech milestones while here also. He waves bye-bye pretty well and says ba-ba when you say it. Every once in a while he'll say mama and dada. He will laugh when his answers are yes to "Are you hungry," "Do you want milk," "Do you have a poopy?" All in Spanish, of course. It is interesting raising a child in a bilingual household, but everyone says in the long-run it'll be beneficial. Marcus is learning everything that Nick is. I wonder if Nick gets confused when I talk to Marcus in English. I guess we'll see how it turns out.
I don't think I am adjusting as well as Nick though. The entire time I worried that it would take Nick some time and didn't stop to think that I would have adjustment issues. Becoming a stay at home mom is easier said than done. Everyone said that being at home was going to be so great, but I really don't feel that way. Now I feel guilty because I am not happy being home all day when it seems that I should be happy to be with Nick. I'm sure with all the crap we have to worry about it's normal for me to feel depressed, but feeling this bad makes me feel worse. Could it be true that if Mama isn't happy no one is happy?
At least we'll have one less thing to stress about...we sold our home to Prudential. And we're grateful that we won't owe anything with the way the market is.

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