Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nick's Future

This weekend I was catching up on Oprah, and saw the show about education in America.  After watching this and the response episode, it really made me think about Nick and his future. Even though we hadn't planned on having children at the moment that we were looking at house, I always kept in mind the school district we would be in. Now that my son is here, he will do wonderful where ever he goes. I will make sure he studies hard and grows to his fullest potential. He is so freakin' smart, and I'm not saying that just b/c he's my son.
From the Oprah show, I quickly learned that Nick is not the only child I need to think about as far as education. Why is our education system broken when the future of this country depends on them? We can't lower the education standards the way Texas has in order to get more children to pass. We need to raise the standard for students. If we continue to ignore our deteriorating education, I see a shortage in great lawyer, great doctors, great teachers, and even great mechanics in our future.
I saw these shows on Sunday, and haven't had time to research what I can do to change this, but I will soon. If you're still not convinced that you should do something now whether or not you have school age kids, think of the person that will be handling your taxes in 25 years. If he gets a C in accounting but b/c the standards have been lowered it becomes an A. Sorry, I want someone that knows their stuff backwards and forwards, someone that can give me the best return possible. No ones education should be limited to average.

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