Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30 days of P90X

It’s been 30 days, and although I’ve had a few bumps on the way, I did it. P90X is so difficult, but it gets the job done. I began it weighing in at 155, and now I’m at 147. I have to say that is awesome considering how big my boobs and butt are. Just looking at my 1 day and then my 30 day photos is inspiration to continue. I haven’t measured myself to see how many in I’ve lost, but my clothes is loose enough that I know I’ve lost everywhere.
Before starting, I let Marcus know that I wanted to do this, and he was totally on board. He started the week after me b/c of his surgery, and he is going strong. I can already tell that he is buffing up and losing the lbs too. The other day, we were playing with Nick, and I poke him on his side close to his abs, and it was totally hard. I mean complete muscle. I had to keep feeling around b/c it was so unbelievable. We’re gonna be the hottest couple out there; hotter than Brad and Angelina! Oh yeah!

Nick is working on his own exercises. Even though he does not like being on his belly, he loves sitting up and scooching around on his butt and knees. Most of the time it's backwards though. I almost think he will skip the crawling and go to standing/walking. He will grab onto my leg or the foot stool and try and lift himself onto his knees.

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