Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh the poop and vomit

I never thought that poop and vomit wouldn't bother me.
I've changed other diapers, and even going into a public bathroom after someone just let one go stinks. Really stinks! Some how, Nick's poop doesn't bother me, at least for the most part. We've definitely had our laughs; one night Marcus goes to change him and Nick wasn't done using the bathroom. Of course, his legs are up and it was a total projectile. Thank goodness, he was up far enough on the changing table that it didn't make it to the floor or his shirt. It was the funniest thing ever. Yes, we always have those moments when he goes so much that it comes out of his diaper, but it really doesn't bother me.  I have to day Monday's, was pretty bad, he leaked on me and the carpet...yuck!
Also, Nick has reflux, and he has his days when it gets gross, but I just clean it up and go about our business. He's vomited on my shirt, out his nose, on his toys, and on my boob while feeding him. For me it's not a big deal.
What is it about our own children that makes us not care?

Now that my sister is graduating high school I'm thinking that I already have some really good stories to tell for when he's older. When my mom would tell these stories, I never knew why she would pick the most embarrassing ones. Now, I know...even though they are embarrassing as a child, as a parent they are great memories that you want to keep reliving. Good or bad, as a parent, it's the cutest thing that ever happened with your child or to your child. Yesterday, I found myself getting misty-eyed b/c I was folding his clean clothes and had a newborn onsie that I know will never fit him again. He's only 3 months old, but it already feels like he's growing too fast. I guess it just goes by faster. We'll keep taking pictures and video taping since he can't be this small forever.

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