Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting into an Exercise Routine

I went to the doctor today, and everything is good for the most part. I'm 24 weeks and have gained 12 lbs, which is good. I am starting to feel more back pain and hip pain; so, I will start exercising more often beginning today. Also, I wanna make sure my muscles are strong enough for the BIG push.
Today I did my 10 minute Pilates video. It has 5 different segments (ea 10 min), but I only did 1 today. OMG! It was pretty intense. I was really surprised that 10 min made me sweat so much. I was also surprised b/c usually pilates is a lot of floor exercises, but not this one. Try doing 100s standing and with weights. I was standing for the entire time, and it worked the tummy, pelvic area, back, arms, and legs. So, I guess everything. I can't wait to try a different 10 min tomorrow; if not, I'll just do the yoga that I've been doing.
Right now it's a lot easier for me to exercise b/c Marcus isn't home. Yes, he's in China again, but when he's home I like spending time together so I had been putting off my videos. He'll be gone 'til the 16th, so it'll be enough time for me to get into a routine; then, when he comes back home I won't break it.

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