Monday, August 31, 2009

Many Beginnings

Thursday was the beginning of the moving and kicking. I finally felt baby move. Now I can feel baby when I'm really still and paying attention. It feels like butterflies for now. Kind of weird.
Today was the beginning of prenatal yoga. I bought a yoga and pilates video last week, and I started the yoga video today. It was great. I need to work up to doing the entire 50 minutes, but you can feel the stretch and the openness. It's supposed to be about getting ready for birth and stretching muscles and controlled breathing, but I couldn't help laughing when we started doing Kegel exercises (that's exercises for down there). It's supposed to keep down there strong, but it's so funny.
Before I got pregnant, I was going to hot yoga, which was fantastic, and since I was flexible I was able to focus on deeper poses. Being pregnant is a whole different story. It feels like I've never stretched a muscle in my life. It's a challenge to stretch and control my breathing now. I love it.
Today was also the beginning of waking up a few minutes earlier for work. In my first trimester it was a struggle to wake up at 630 to get to work at 830. Now, because the kiddies are back in school and traffic is awful I need to wake up a little earlier. I woke up at 545 this morning, which is now really easy for me. I've actually been waking up at 5; I just don't want to get out of bed. Books and blogs say you have more energy in your second trimester, and it's true. I liking it. I just need to find enough things to do so I'm tired by bed time.
On another note, I went shopping for shoes today, and found the most comfortable shoes ever. They are Liz Claiborne, slip in, square toe, with a small 1/2 in heel. They're like butta. I think I'll be wearing these til I give birth. More shopping to be done tomorrow too. We're finally getting furniture in the house. It's living room and master bedroom for now, but once we find out (next Tuesday) whether we're having a girl or boy we'll be getting baby furniture. I have some things picked out for budgeting purposes.

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